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Agia Thecla

In Aghia Thekla, at the Cape of Agios Ioannis, a vaulted tomb of the Mycenaean period (13th century BC) was discovered and dug up, which included many vases, weapons and jewelery among its villas.

Finding the tomb indicates the influence of Mycenaean civilization on the island.


Exomvourgo or Exobourgo  is a mountain on the island of Tinos. It has a rugged appearance, unlike the other mountains in the Cyclades and is the site of a ruine Venetian fortress and town.

Exomvourgo is not the highest mountain on the island—that is Tsiknias—but is in a central location ringed by a large number of small villages such as Tripotamos and Falatados and can be climbed from several of these. The walk up from Iera Kardia Iisou takes around 20 minutes.