Month: November 2018


In the area of Karkados, an ancient copper mine was found and it is likely that the name of the village comes from the word halkos (copper in English).

It is a very small village. It is divided into two villages: “Kato” is near the valley and formed the original core of the village and “Pano”, situated in the east.

The church of Christ is known as “Little Pisa” among locals, as its bell tower is a bit sloping.

Volax Village

Volax is a small village.

Its unique surrounding of big round rocks gives the whole landscape a lunar appearance. It was established in the 14th-century or older. It lies on a little plateau in the centre of Tinos in an average altimeter of 284m above sea level.

Many houses are built above these rocks and near each other according to the rules of the traditional Cycladic architecture.

A part of its alternative places to see are also a small Folklore Museum which is opened to the crowd during the summer period and a 380-seat amphitheatre where many musical and theatrical performances take place.

Koumaros village

Koumaros village is a traditional village located 10 km north of Hora, on the slopes of Exobourgo, offering an exceptional view to the great ravine full of orchards. Koumaros charms with its natural colours, the quaint alleys, the old fountains and the medieval arches.